Clinical Services

We are currently in the pilot phase of the program, working to understand better the needs of the community we serve. During this phase, our registered nurses have visited people who have been referred to us. They assess the palliative needs of the person, including those of the person’s loved ones and carers, and develop a plan of care to meet those needs. If needed, one or two volunteer companions, carefully matched to the family, will be assigned to visit. During the pilot phase, we have supported ten people with life-limiting conditions. They have taught us many valuable lessons. A formal evaluation of the pilot is currently being undertaken; this will provide us with good qualitative data to help us better understand how we should shape our services in the future.

Our pilot program includes home visits conducted by a dedicated multidisciplinary clinical team and round-the-clock telephone support. While we are not currently open for public referrals, we aim to refine our approach and ensure we deliver a comprehensive, holistic, and nurse-led community model of care. We address multiple dimensions of support for patients and their families.

We established a Pilot Study Committee in early 2023 to guide us in this pilot endeavour. This committee is responsible for designing the pilot program and implementing effective evaluation methodologies. By rigorously evaluating the pilot, we will be able to develop a service model that ensures high-quality, sustainable care that genuinely benefits the community.

If you seek a hospice or palliative care service for referrals, we encourage you to contact Palliative Care South Australia. They can provide you with further advice and guidance. Visit their website at:

Thank you for your interest in Pure Land Home Hospice. We are committed to creating a compassionate and supportive environment for individuals and families facing end-of-life challenges. Stay tuned for updates as we progress through our pilot phase towards delivering exceptional care to the community we serve.